Waka Flocka Flame Stops By in San Diego

Waka Flocka Flame at The Observatory last night was fantastic! He came out and ran through the crowd (as only Waka would do) and even got right next to me and my friends. Once again The Observatory served as a great venue. I recommend this venue time and time again because of spacious dance floor and close proximity to the stage. Of course, if you’re tying to be up at the front, there is pushing as expected. But if you’re not into being shoved around you can stand at the back of the crowd at a higher level and get a great view and still be super close. Waka rapped some of his most recent drops which he performed excellently and some of his classics. He was great live, charismatic, interactive, and fully engaged in his audience. He showed the same heart he did on stage as he does in his albums and interviews. I once again purchased my tickets about a week before the concert at Access Music and they once again came through with cheap and last-minute tickets. Thanks for an awesome night, Waka!


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