How To Do Tijuana

For those of you who love San Diego but are looking to get a little more adventurous, don’t forget about our neighbors! I recently visited Tijuana, Mexico, and it was a great time. Here are some tips on how to make your trip fun and safe.

  • Go in a group. This seems obvious, but you want to make sure to have a somewhat ratio of guys to girls for extra caution, and also keep in mind large groups are safer but tend to split up if too big!

  • Pick a nice club. If you go on a weekday night, ladies night, or other special night, fancy clubs in TJ are not expensive to get in to. Plus, nice clubs are less likely to be seedy, have better drinks, and a more enjoyable environment. We went to a club my friend had been to previously on their ladies night where girls drank for free. Entry was $10 and it was a perfect place to spend the night. My advice is to do some research before hand and ask others who have been there for club recommendations, don’t wait until you get there to pick a club or bar

  • Carry cash but not a lot, mostly small bills. DO NOT bring a lot of money or a debit/credit card, as well as anything extremely valuable. Bring what you’ll spend and maybe $20 extra in case of an emergency. Cash is best for entry fees, drinks, cabs, gambling, and small meals

  • DO bring your passport and have a small bag or pocket to carry it in. We had a couple friends who left their passports at home and did get across the border, however they had to go through special security and the process of entering the country took a lot longer

  • When you first get across there will be a lot of vendors trying to sell you candy and paraphernalia, as well as taxi drivers trying to lead you to their cabs. DO NOT use these cabs; they will charge you more than if you walk further down the road. Try making a club that is walking distance your target, and only use a cab to get back to the border

Lastly, have fun! As long as you stay with a big group, be aware of your surroundings, and follow normal night-out safety precautions, you’ll have a fun, unique adventure!

Author: Victoria Moorwood

Victoria Moorwood is a freelance writer and multimedia journalist. She has worked for print, TV, online and radio media. She mainly covers music and entertainment news and has interviewed X Ambassadors, K Camp, Rapsody, lil aaron, Sheppard, Dirty Heads, COIN, Creed Bratton (The Office), Citizen, Rozes and many more. She also writes about travel and has produced televised sports news.


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