Short Stop (And Interesting Hike) in Victoria, Canada

The Port Angeles Ferry ride dropped us off on time at our next stop—Victoria, Canada. From there we’d be boarding our plane and jetting off across Canada all the way to London. Quick travel tip! If you’re planning a trip to Europe (or anywhere—it is always worth trying this) fly out of Canada! Our flight to London was under three hundred dollars. While my peers were paying close to one thousand departing from California, we were flying out of Canada to England for ust over two hundred, along with a cheap ferry and free train ride (Amtrak miles!). I cannot stress this enough. If you’re looking for a MAJOR MONEY SAVER fly out on a slightly uncomfortable trip from Canada. Slightly uncomfortable because we had to take four flights, each around two hours, literally across the country and then across the Atlantic Ocean. This was less than ideal and took almost an entire day. However, if you’re a student or an adventurer on a budget, this is a wallet-saving option! Canada was beautiful, for the short time that we visited. Food and drink is relatively cheap in Victoria, people are very friendly and helpful (as stereotypically expected), and it was a great place to start out our journey. One note, change your U.S. dollars to Canadian cash as quickly as you can. Most stores and restaurants accept cards, but you will need coins to board public transportation. ATMs can be hard to come by and many stores begin to close around 10, so do not wait until the last minute to change your currency! Like we did…

Parliament building Victoria, Canada

We had just boarded the bus on our way to the airport (after scouring the streets to find the last liquor store open at which we could exchange our currency). Our flight would be taking off at 6 am and it was about midnight. Our plan was to get to the airport around 1 and sleep there until our flight. Our “fool-proof” plan consisted of two buses and a minor walk to the airport. MINOR. Or so we thought.

 The second bus ended up not taking us as far as the route had been displayed online, but the driver assured us it was a safe, 20 minute walk through a residential town to the isolated airport. So, knowing it was our only option since we did not have cell phone service to phone a cab, we began the trek. Then turned back. To our horror the road to the airport was lined with forest and unlit homes, and was completely dark. No street lights, house lights, absolutely no light lit the path. It took us a few tries at mustering courage to walk the 20 minutes, in complete darkness, in a foreign country, down an unknown street, at 2 in the morning. I can now admit that I was more scared than I let on, but thankfully we eventually reached the light of the airport and found our way inside. At first we thought the airport was closed and that the night would further decay into us having to sleep outside. However, the Canadians showed their prized hospitality and let us in to sleep with the other flyers. In the British Columbian, Canadian airport, they have rooms where you can sleep in over night! This would have been something worth making sure of. But don’t discount it out of misinformation; save your money by sleeping at the airport if you only have a few hours until your flight. Do not, however, belittle the walking distance (or circumstantial distance) of a walk in the dark.

Author: Victoria Moorwood

Victoria Moorwood is a freelance writer and multimedia journalist. She has worked for print, TV, online and radio media. She mainly covers music and entertainment news and has interviewed X Ambassadors, K Camp, Rapsody, lil aaron, Sheppard, Dirty Heads, COIN, Creed Bratton (The Office), Citizen, Rozes and many more. She also writes about travel and has produced televised sports news.


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