Exclusive Interview with Mondo Cozmo

Josh Ostrander, known on stage as the legendary Mondo Cozmo, lit up The Casbah in San Diego on March 2, and he’s ready to do it again on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” this Thursday, March 23. Ostrander hails from Philadelphia and entered the music scene in 2000, when he fronted the band Laguardia until 2005. He then moved on, becoming the front man of Eastern Conference Champions… (read more on KCR Secret Sessions)

I spoke with Andy Tongren, lead singer and guitarist of American indie pop band Young Rising Sons. Tongren formed Young Rising Sons with bass player Julian Dimagiba and drummer Steve Patrick in 2010. Dimagiba and Patrick grew up playing music together in New Jersey, and sought out Tongren after watching him perform in New York… (read more on

An Interview With Ocean Park Standoff

 I got to talk to Ethan Thompson, one-third of the sunny L.A. band Ocean Park Standoff. Their hit single “Good News” video was recently premiered on Conan O’Brien Presents: Team Coco, and the trio is getting ready to release their highly anticipated EP this March. They are also currently touring and are set to tour the nation this summer. Their eclectic, chill vibe mixed with catchy beats makes their music the perfect added edge to your day at the beach… (read more on

Exclusive Interview with The Skins

To understand The Skins, you’ve got to listen to them. Their EP “Still Sleep” dropped in December and has already been widely praised. What genre is it? Well, the catchy choruses will make you want to dance like a pop song would, the underlying beats and rapping personify hip hop, the dramatic guitar element is a tribute to classic rock, and you can sing your heart out to the soulful vocals. Not to mention some influences from funk, blues and whatever else The Skins decide to throw in… (read more on KCR Secret Sessions)

Stanaj | How a Karaoke Bar Led to Stardom

When I first saw Stanaj he was on stage doing sound check, laughing and joking with swooning female fans, getting ready for the Less Stress More Love show with SoMo in San Diego. The 22-year-old R&B singer is fresh to the music scene but harbors the skills of a seasoned professional. Just releasing his EP, The Preview, this past August, he’s already on his first nation-wide tour and upcoming worldwide debut… (read more on Aztec Music Group)

International Student Aiming for a Career Helping Others

A cool breeze slants left. The sun makes her squint. Multicolored rings on the target entice, yet mock her. But she’s not thinking about any of this as she releases her grip on the bowstring and the arrow flies through her fingers across the field, sinking deliberately into the target.

“I just try to not think when I’m shooting,” said sophomore biology major Carolina Cano, an international student from Mexico…(read more on SDSU News Center)

JAHKOY | Something Special in the Water

‘Something special must be in Canadian water!’ that comment made by many journalists was the inspiration for Jahkoy Palmer’s highly anticipated EP titled “Foreign Water,” which was just released in October. The album followed his September single “California Heaven,” featuring L.A. rapper Schoolboy Q. The single received rave reviews from USA Today, Billboard, and the Fader and is skyrocketing to the top of Spotify viral charts. Jahkoy has been described as “the next in the list of big names to come from Canada,” with his unique genre-blending approach tying R&B and electric house. His eclectic sound and feels-hitting vocals have generated active support from Pharrell, Elton John and his single “Odd Future” premiered on Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 Radio Show and played on Drake’s OVO Sound Radio… (read more on Aztec Music Group)

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