Waka Flocka Flame Stops By in San Diego

Waka Flocka Flame at The Observatory last night was fantastic! He came out and ran through the crowd (as only Waka would do) and even got right next to me and my friends. Once again The Observatory served as a great venue. I recommend this venue time and time again because of spacious dance floor and close proximity to the stage. Of course, if you’re tying to be up at the front, there is pushing as expected. But if you’re not into being shoved around you can stand at the back of the crowd at a higher level and get a great view and still be super close. Waka rapped some of his most recent drops which he performed excellently and some of his classics. He was great live, charismatic, interactive, and fully engaged in his audience. He showed the same heart he did on stage as he does in his albums and interviews. I once again purchased my tickets about a week before the concert at Access Music and they once again came through with cheap and last-minute tickets. Thanks for an awesome night, Waka!

Tyga at the Observatory

March 2nd Tyga was in San Diego rapping at the Observatory in North Park. His performance was outstanding, featuring old hits and new songs, great visual effects, and even a surprise appearance by Kylie Jenner. His headliners were a rap group from Atlanta that came out into the crowd and whom I got to meet and take a picture with. The Observatory is a unique venue because if you get to the show about an hour or so before the doors open, you can stand at the front of the crowd right next to the stage. That was another reason Tyga’s concert was so spectacular. I was at the front for most of the time, but when I was at the back of the crowd I noticed Kylie Jenner and a friend standing above everyone at the loft with seats watching Tyga. When people started noticing her and pointing her out she went away, but reappeared during Tyga’s song “Stimulated,” which also featured the music video playing on the giant screen behind the stage. Tyga was phenomenal live. He was full of energy, performed songs everyone knew and the oldies I was hoping for, and sounded just like he does on his tracks. Another shout out I’d like to make is to Access Music on Garnet Avenue in Pacific Beach, for selling me tickets to this concert 30 minutes before it began! The decision to go was sort of a spontaneous one, and this place had twenty tickets they were still selling. I was able to go there, pick up three tickets, and get to the concert about half an hour before Tyga came on. I’m so glad I found out about this business, because a few weeks later I bought tickets last minute from them again for Waka Flocka Flame. If you’re ever in need of some tickets on the fly, try Access Music!

All in all Tyga was an awesome live performer and someone I’d definitely see again. He’s continuing his tour in Las Vegas at the end of May.

 Live footage of the concert!

Hip Hop: Season of Collaborations

hip hopThis has been the season of collabs, starting with Drake and Future, now Fetty Wap and French Montana, and coming soon Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz. It’s an exciting time in Hip Hop with the quick rise of stars and the return to the industry from originals.

 I wasn’t that impressed with Future and Drake’s album What A Time To Be Alive, I expected a little more from the two rappers. The beats were decent and the two have a good chemistry, but the lyrics for many songs in the album lacked depth and were repetitive. For example, “Big Rings” and “Jumpman” displayed these faults.

 Fetty and Montana, however, have dropped their mixtape Coke Zoo which features hits like “Angel”, “Sometimes”,  “Power” and more.  They produce phenomenal sound because of their similar pitch and French Montana adds the traditional edgy rap while Fetty Wap offers his famous singing.

 I personally am very excited to see the Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz collab, which will come “sooner than people think” as 2 Chainz announced on Rap Radar’s Podcast. The project will be called ColliGrove, a mixture of College Park, Atlanta for 2 Chainz and Hollygrove, New Orleans for Wayne. The two have already delivered hits in the past, such as “Duffle Bag Boy”, “Days and Days” and “Rick as F—k” to name a few so there new music should be promising. Both Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz are working on solo material as well. Wayne’s No Ceilings 2 is scheduled to drop on Thanksgiving. 2 Chainz has also been working since the release of Trapavelli Tre this past August. His solo project will be called B.C. (Before Chainz).

Fetty Wap has also had recent releases and Ty Dolla $ign’s new track comes out tomorrow, November 13th. It’s a good time to be a Hip Hop fan!

Chris Brown One Hell of a Nite Tour

A recap of the Chris Brown One Hell of a Nite Tour in Chula Vista can be summed up by just one word: incredible. Last night south San Diego boomed with the bass and voices of Fetty Wap, Omarion, Kid Ink, and Chris Brown. The night even brought a surprise performance by French Montana. Fetty Wap was perfect, as usual, and started off the crowd chanting and singing along with him. While he was only on stage for four short songs, he achieved total audience engagement and it was clear Fetty Wap fans filled the arena. Omarion followed Fetty’s performance and at first started off strong. His time on stage was the least memorable of the four because he got discouraged when the audience didn’t sing his lyrics back to him and instead chose to play other songs not by him. This made his performance weak because fans didn’t come to hear recordings of popular rap songs by other artists; they came to hear him. His self-proclaimed personal DJ left too many breaks in the song for audiences to sing, which created awkward silences when the crowd didn’t know the words. Although he should have sung more and played other songs less, when he did sing Omarion was talented live. Kid Ink lit up the stage next and—for lack of a better description—absolutely killed it. He sang new songs like “Body Language” and some of his originals such as “Iz U Down”. Ink paraded around stage and even walked through the front seats of the crowd.  After his amazing performance he signed his hat and threw it into the audience, along with two signed towels.

 Chris Brown’s entrance was the best it could have possibly been. With multiple screens showcasing intense visual effects he ran out to sing a crow favorite, “Run It”. Chris brought out tons of throwbacks which made his performance unique and sentimental. His ability to rap and dance and the same time was truly impressive. He sang mostly snippets of current songs that he is featured in, oldies but goodies, and slow jams for the ladies. When he went off stage many people thought the concert was over, but that’s when French Montana appeared! He sauntered on wearing a team jersey and sang into the microphone his signature “Hehhh” and the crowd went crazy. He picked up the tempo from C.B.’s slow songs and got everyone moving with “Pop That” and “Ain’t Worried About Nothin”.  Chris Brown came back onstage and they performed as a duet to their song “Loyal”. Every artist’s live performance held up to expectations and therefore the night couldn’t have been any better.