What’s Really Going on at Ca$h Money

Recently, the Lil Wayne and other Ca$h Money artists feud with label owner Birdman has reached a public tipping point. Lil Wayne, who is owed and fervently fighting for his $51 million lawsuit from Ca$h Money, has even spoken out on Twitter and televised interviews about Birdman and these legal issue mentally exhausting him to the point where he considered retiring from music—for a day.

These tweets in September worried fans:



Rumors spread about the legal battle causing Wayne to retire from rap. Other rappers rushed to his support against Birdman and expressed their love and admiration.

A possible solution that was publicized, which has been talked about over the past year, is Rick Ross buying Wayne out of his contract with Birdman.

Within hours, Wayne reversed the rumors, reassuring his fans through Twitter:


Wayne has been dealing with issues with Ca$h Money for years. Other artists on the label, such as Drake, Nicki Minaj, and Tyga have experienced legal struggles, too. In his track, “Cash Money,” Tyga expresses his grievances with the record label not paying him:

“Cause I’m paid, cash money/Cash Money never paid me, but your boy did his thing/And still made, cash money/Yeah it’s mine, I could throw it in the air if I wanna.”

He also expresses support for Lil Wayne, who signed him onto Ca$h Money:

 “I’m a hot boy, shout out Weezy Baby/If your man is loyal, nigga you should pay him”

“I’m a hot boy, free BG/Free the Carter 5, let the streets eat.”

 On stage during his Summer Sixteen Tour in Houston, Drake shared his support for Wayne. Both Wayne and Drake yelled obscenities about the label during the concert.


Weezy has been fighting for years to get his $51 million from Ca$h Money and the release of Tha Carter V. In recent interviews he’s said he will never work with Birdman again, and looking at the instant and widespread support he’s received, many other artists share his sentiment.

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Hip Hop: Season of Collaborations

hip hopThis has been the season of collabs, starting with Drake and Future, now Fetty Wap and French Montana, and coming soon Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz. It’s an exciting time in Hip Hop with the quick rise of stars and the return to the industry from originals.

 I wasn’t that impressed with Future and Drake’s album What A Time To Be Alive, I expected a little more from the two rappers. The beats were decent and the two have a good chemistry, but the lyrics for many songs in the album lacked depth and were repetitive. For example, “Big Rings” and “Jumpman” displayed these faults.

 Fetty and Montana, however, have dropped their mixtape Coke Zoo which features hits like “Angel”, “Sometimes”,  “Power” and more.  They produce phenomenal sound because of their similar pitch and French Montana adds the traditional edgy rap while Fetty Wap offers his famous singing.

 I personally am very excited to see the Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz collab, which will come “sooner than people think” as 2 Chainz announced on Rap Radar’s Podcast. The project will be called ColliGrove, a mixture of College Park, Atlanta for 2 Chainz and Hollygrove, New Orleans for Wayne. The two have already delivered hits in the past, such as “Duffle Bag Boy”, “Days and Days” and “Rick as F—k” to name a few so there new music should be promising. Both Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz are working on solo material as well. Wayne’s No Ceilings 2 is scheduled to drop on Thanksgiving. 2 Chainz has also been working since the release of Trapavelli Tre this past August. His solo project will be called B.C. (Before Chainz).

Fetty Wap has also had recent releases and Ty Dolla $ign’s new track comes out tomorrow, November 13th. It’s a good time to be a Hip Hop fan!

Interview: Lil Wayne Tells Drake to “Keep it Canadian”

Lil Wayne was recently interviewed by Cari Champion on her “Giving Major Props” podcast.  The two discussed his charitable Lil Weezyana performance, N.W.A., Jay Z, signing Drake, and the NFL season.

 First of all, this was a great interview. Cari Champion is an amusing and engaging host and she related to Wayne in a way that made her listeners feel connected to him. Lil Wayne was also a perfect interviewee. He was genuine, polite, and shared humorous anecdotes as well as gave listeners a glimpse into his personality. The pair start by discussing the 10th year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Lil Wayne, a New Orleans native, raised money for Hurricane Katrina charities with his successful show Lil Weezyana, where he showcased every era of New Orleans music.

 The conversation then turned to the movie “Straight Outta Compton” and the N.W.A.. Wayne said he loved the movie. “They left a lot out of course, but they had to,” he said. While talking about the Greats, Lil Wayne shared a story about Jay Z that marked a milestone in his career. When Wayne was still up-and-coming, he received a phone call one night from Jay Z. His voice was animated as he told Cari about how he tried to get everyone in his house to quiet down when he saw the incoming call. It was only a short conversation, but being acknowledged by Jay Z let Wayne know he was going in the right direction.

 Lil Wayne also discussed that while Jay Z made him feel accomplished, he made this moment happen for Drake. Wayne discovered Drake at a time when Drake’s mixture of rapping and singing was getting him rejected. When Wayne brought him on he said, “Don’t change anything. Don’t think cuz you coming over here by me you gotta rap about the things I rap about.” Essentially, as Wayne humorously put it, he was telling Drake to “Keep it Canadian.”

 Wayne also demonstrates the virtue of being humble, as he wouldn’t tell Cari that he alone was what jumpstarted Drake’s career, even though he discovered him. However, when asked who’s a better rapper between him and Drake, Lil Wayne responded laughing, “Oh I annihilate that guy.”