Here’s Your New Hip Hop EP of the Summer

Ta’ Sean Du Bois is a San Diego based rapper who’s been lighting up the SD and college scene. His last project, Tea Time, received a great response from fans and now he’s dropping a new EP, Summer San Diego. Ta’ Sean is all about creating lively, upbeat music that represents his favorite city, San Diego. Read on to find out more about his upcoming EP.

When is your new EP coming out?

We’re aiming on dropping the project on July 14th. 

What makes this project different from the last one you dropped?

I feel like since Tea Time I’ve grown and matured as an artist. I’ve found and gotten comfortable with my own style and don’t mind expressing my experiences with everyone. 

What can listeners expect?

They can expect a different, but still West Coast, sound. They can expect to play it or hear it at the next frat or sorority party.

Instagram: @noteashirt

What were some of the inspirations you drew upon when you were creating this album?

When I was creating Summer San Diego I was really just doing a lot of city watching. I would go on walks in the morning and really just breathe and take in my city’s beauty. Also Jack Daniels, mary jane, and listening to early 2000s music were great influences, too. 

You said some of the EP is influenced by the college party scene, can you elaborate on this?

Yeah, so I live not too far from San Diego State and Friday and Saturday is when Montezuma Road be poppin’ with people walking from party to party. I’ve been to a few parties there myself and they are always lit. The guys be smokin’ backwoods, the females be drowning vodka. Everybody is dancing and everybody is having a good time. It’s all about having a good time and that’s what I wanted my tape to be about. Having a good time. State students know how to turn up and I’m proud to say that I’m from a city with a dope college party scene! 

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Twitter: @noteashirt

What else have you recently been working on? Any shows?

Recently I’ve been working on a lot of visuals. We’ve been shooting videos for the project and so far everything is looking clean. We’ve dropped the “Pi$tol Tony” video already so make sure y’all check that out! I have a couple shows coming up with Eklektic fam but I gotta keep that on the DL [laughing]. Besides that I have one with my homie Lil Mttn on the 28th in LA. Also I have a mansion party coming up on the 8th so that’s going to be dope. Anyone’s invited by the way! Other than that I’m just working on my health and as myself as an artist. 

How many songs will be on the EP?

There’s going to be six songs plus a bonus track so yeah!

Will you be performing anywhere in the near future?

Mansion party on the 8th come turn up.

What do you have to say to your fans and what’s one reason everyone should listen to this EP?

I wanna tell all my fans that all you guys are cool and I love you guys and thank you guys for rocking with me. Also anyone who hasn’t caught on the wave yet, make sure you start paddling now. Summer San Diego is going to be that new sound that puts the city on the map like it’s supposed to be! 

Final thoughts?

Yo, shoutout my Mom and Dad, shout out Alton and Aiden, shoutout Eklectik, and shout out to my city San Diego. Let’s get it!

Chris Brown One Hell of a Nite Tour

A recap of the Chris Brown One Hell of a Nite Tour in Chula Vista can be summed up by just one word: incredible. Last night south San Diego boomed with the bass and voices of Fetty Wap, Omarion, Kid Ink, and Chris Brown. The night even brought a surprise performance by French Montana. Fetty Wap was perfect, as usual, and started off the crowd chanting and singing along with him. While he was only on stage for four short songs, he achieved total audience engagement and it was clear Fetty Wap fans filled the arena. Omarion followed Fetty’s performance and at first started off strong. His time on stage was the least memorable of the four because he got discouraged when the audience didn’t sing his lyrics back to him and instead chose to play other songs not by him. This made his performance weak because fans didn’t come to hear recordings of popular rap songs by other artists; they came to hear him. His self-proclaimed personal DJ left too many breaks in the song for audiences to sing, which created awkward silences when the crowd didn’t know the words. Although he should have sung more and played other songs less, when he did sing Omarion was talented live. Kid Ink lit up the stage next and—for lack of a better description—absolutely killed it. He sang new songs like “Body Language” and some of his originals such as “Iz U Down”. Ink paraded around stage and even walked through the front seats of the crowd.  After his amazing performance he signed his hat and threw it into the audience, along with two signed towels.

 Chris Brown’s entrance was the best it could have possibly been. With multiple screens showcasing intense visual effects he ran out to sing a crow favorite, “Run It”. Chris brought out tons of throwbacks which made his performance unique and sentimental. His ability to rap and dance and the same time was truly impressive. He sang mostly snippets of current songs that he is featured in, oldies but goodies, and slow jams for the ladies. When he went off stage many people thought the concert was over, but that’s when French Montana appeared! He sauntered on wearing a team jersey and sang into the microphone his signature “Hehhh” and the crowd went crazy. He picked up the tempo from C.B.’s slow songs and got everyone moving with “Pop That” and “Ain’t Worried About Nothin”.  Chris Brown came back onstage and they performed as a duet to their song “Loyal”. Every artist’s live performance held up to expectations and therefore the night couldn’t have been any better.